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Without a Plan

Nothing really prepares you for a broken heart in your 30s. No, not even that first boyfriend from college. Nope, not even that post-college break-up. I am telling you. Nothing.  You're supposed to be wiser in your 30's (or so I thought when I was but a naive 20 year old). Now that my peers and I are in our 30's, we now know that it is simply not true. Your 30's are just your 20's but with money. This just means you can make bigger mistakes, like getting into gambling after a failed wedding engagement.  You're supposed to have a plan in your 30's. Supposedly . Ever since I could remember, I have been living my life like a video game with a walk through. I followed the manual. I knew the steps to take which was go to elementary, then high school, then college, then find a job. I planned where I would be living according to my paycheck. After 10 years of working, I knew that I was gonna settle in, get married to the love of my life, move in somewhere homey an

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