Singapore Photo Dump

5:19 PM

I have never been happier in my entire life. Traveling to another country provides some kind of high that I have never felt before. Add listening to my two favorite bands, Vampire Weekend and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to  complete the experience. Oh life, you are wonderful.

This is the start of something very beautiful. And yes, I am talking to you budget airlines.

Chinatown is the best!

Some sort of Chicken Rice plus iced tea from the Maxwell Hawker . I could live on this food alone! 
Little India is home. :D
Oh my god Lao Pa Sat was AMAZING
Travel buddy Helga The Weber
Some sort of Chicken Curry with Seafood ek ek. A little more patis and it would have been perfect!
A friend from Turkey. 
The gang! 
These girls are the bestest
Feeling alta siyudad at Level 33! Thanks Ysa!
Our new sunnies!
Not a morning flower.
Best night
Mah boyz
Nice guy, Okan!
My fave part of SG is Bugis. :D
Obligatory turista shot!
I love you
Love you Kuya

Was a bit disappointed with their performance (they sound better on recording IMO) but I still love them though! 

This trip was the best. More trips to come this year: Hongkong, Cambodia and hopefully New York. And then come 2014, COACHELLA OMG. 

Finally got bitten by the travel bug. :)

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