Stars in Manila

Getting to see Stars live will forever be one of the highlights of my adult life. A lot of emotions went through my head that night. 

First, I was freaking excited. I was there with Belle at around 1pm. Concert was at 9pm and gates opened at 7pm. So yeah, I was there for a very long time.

Then, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who came to see Stars. Upon finding a spot in the crowd (3rd row, center, fuck yeah!), I was then super giddy that I keep on wanting to pee. 

The opening acts (which were glorious btw) warmed up the crowd real well. Love you Ciudad and Outerhope! 

By the time Stars started going up the stage, I was ready to scream my heart out. Below are some of the photos I took with my phone. I love you so much, you Canadians!!!

Man, Kuya Outerhope is the pogi-est!

I love you Ciudad! Forever the numbah one band!


By this time, I was bawling. I seriously cannot stop crying.

The setlist from Edu's Instagram!

It was their longest set (I think) for this tour which made me really happy. Best concert of 2013!!!!


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