Love is Weird, And So Are We

When I was younger, I always imagined this alternate universe where everyone is wearing a white, porcelain mask. I know it sounds corny but the way I see it, in this particular world, the only way for the mask to come off is to find someone you connect with, someone you truly love. You know you are truly in love when you are able to face the one you love without a mask, devoid of inhibitions, pretentions - 100% all you.

Love is the weirdest, isn't it? It's somewhat addictive, beautiful and soul-crushing at the same time. Countless people have tried to define it to better understand it yet no one can truly capture how it really feels to be inside the mess of it all.

Love is the most wonderful and excruciating thing a person can feel in his/her lifetime.

It comes in all shapes and sizes. I love how it can be found in the weirdest of people, the oddest of pairings, the most unexpected of events, the most inane of experiences, the most complicated of age brackets, the farthest of places, and in the craziest of crazies. You're like "I'm happy to be single for now" and then BAM! You fall in love (UGH RIGHT???).

I do fear people ruin the very idea of love with its inhumane standards and unnecessary drama. People forget that love is a feeling between two people in a relationship, and like all relationships, there should be respect for the other individual. People often insist their idea of love based on what they watched, read, listened to, talked about and compare it to love in real life. Somehow, something that started as a genuine feeling ends up as this fabricated, commercialized idea fit for Instagram.

However, I don't give up on people really finding their groove and eventually (at the end of one horrific journey filled with dark periods recovering from heartaches) finding that one person. Someone who fits perfectly like pajamas on Christmas eve. Someone who makes you feel that feeling you get when you eat a really good chocolate bar. Someone who knows what ear to scratch when you feel uneasy. Someone who, at the back of your head, will hate-watch a really bad Adam Sandler movie and enjoy it with you wholeheartedly.

Love is weird and so are we. At the end of the day, you just have to find that one weirdo you can see spending the rest of your days with, without a mask, without a doubt.


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